Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!



I am impatiently waiting for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!  I mean for shopping it’s one of the most exciting times of the year!  Last year was my first time shopping in the Anniversary sale.  It was so much fun.  The catalog online is only a tiny part of the sale.  There are literally thousands of items that will be in the sale.  A shoppers dream!  The prices will be 25%-40% off and did I mention it will be ALL NEW MERCHANDISE!  That’s right this isn’t Nordstrom just putting merchandise you’ve already been staring at for months on sale.  This is all NEW stuff!! YIPPEEE!  Nordstrom is already great for price matching items but their sale is like no other! 

What makes this sale so special:

  • Just arrived fall styles!
  • Limited time sale prices!
  • Get it your way!  Buy online and choose store pickup or better yet-curbside pickup!  Don’t worry if you don’t think you can make it in store to shop.  Shop online with your littles at home and then use curbside pickup and take away the stress of shopping in store with kids!  Perfect right!  I mean I have twins so I get it.  
  • If you are like me and sadly don’t have a Nordstrom nearby then shop online and get free shipping!  I love Nordstrom for this!  Free shipping and free returns!  Wanna know a secret??  You can do any Nordstrom returns at a Nordstrom Rack as well!  We do have one of those here so this is perfect for me! 

There are a few things you need to know to be prepared for this sale.  

First is if you want early access then you have to be a Nordstrom card memeber!  This means if you don’t have their credit card and you have been pondering getting it, then this is the time do do it!  Plus you earn a $40 bonus note when you open it and make a purchase that day.  Also you will earn 2 points per dollar spent to go towards more Nordstrom notes (free money to use at Nordstrom).  Plus when you are a card member you get a personal triple points day!  Use this triple points day on a day that you make your biggest purchase!  This will help you earn bonus notes even quicker!  

If you are not a card member don’t fret because the sale will be open to the public on July 20th!  The only thing is some of the items might be sold out.  

Important dates:

Early access for level 4 card members get to pre-shop the sale in stores only!

Early access for all card members starts July 12-19

Sale opens up to the public on July 20th and the sale ends on August 5th!

August 6th prices go up!

Another important date to remember is GLAM OUT days!  If you love beauty products then this is the part of the sale just for you!  You can access the Glam out days calendar here

Here are my top picks for the sale! 




This is the BEST hair tool EVER!  I use it almost everyday!  The first curling iron that I can successfully achieve the perfect curled look!  I am horrible with all things hair tools!  Plus this is the cheapest I have ever seen it!  Trust me you will love it.  


Happy Shopping!  Drop a comment below and let me know what amazing things you bought!! 

P.S.- You can follow along my Nordstrom sale purchases by following me on instagram @secretsofashopaholickristi 

How to make grilled pizza!

       Grilled pizza!!! The perfect summertime cookout meal! 

My best friend taught me how to make grilled pizza and it is a hit at our house and for anyone we make it for!  I have had several recipe requests since I posted a time-lapse video on my instagram.  

So here goes:

First you will need to either make your own pizza dough or purchase some from a local pizza restaurant.  We get ours from Upper Crust, a local restaurant.  You can use this recipe from Bobby Flay to make your own dough.

If you purchase the dough then you will need to let it sit out and rise.  Make sure you get it a couple hours before using it so it has time to rise. 

Here are a few important tips I have learned to make this much easier since the grilling process is pretty quick. 

  • Make sure you have a tray with all the ingredients needed right next to your grill.
  • Make sure you have one pizza pan for the raw dough and then another for the finished pizza.  We like to have one person inside rolling out the next dough and one grilling the current pizza.  It just makes it easier to have two pans. 
  • You will need a basting brush (we use a silicone basting brush) to brush on the olive oil/garlic salt mixture.
  • You will need a very large metal spatula or something similar to flip the crust and to get it off the grill. 
  • Pizza slicer
  • Rolling Pin– A heavy one is even better to get that perfect thin crust.  We use a marble one. 

We usually make 4 pizzas since they are thin crust so I will give you the main ingredients for 4 pizzas but you will have to decide what toppings you want to use. 

Here are the Ingredients you will need to make four pizzas:

  • 4 pizza dough balls
  • 2 cans of pizza sauce (we prefer Muir Glen organic pizza sauce)
  • Organic olive oil 
  • Organic garlic sea salt (we prefer simply balanced from Target)
  • 3-4 bags of shredded mozzarella cheese (depends on how much cheese you use) or whatever flavor of shredded cheese you prefer.  Sometimes we sprinkle feta on the pizza too! 


The list of toppings are endless but here are the toppings we usually use.  We usually do two pepperoni pizzas for the kids (we like Applegate natural large pepperoni slices) and  two pizzas with the toppings Josh & I love!  We usually put pepperoni, italian sausage, roasted garlic (from the Whole Foods olive bar section), bell peppers or hot deli sliced peppers, thinly sliced Roma tomatoes, onions (on my side only).  You can even make a sweet pizza like a dessert.  I haven’t done that yet but I will be giving it a try! 

Here is my tray of ingredients that I carry out and have next to the grill. 


Now you are ready to start your pizza! 

First you will mix the olive oil and the garlic salt in a small bowl.  You will put about 3/4 cup of olive oil and 1-1.5 tablespoons of garlic salt (remember this all depends on how many pizzas you are making) and then whisk them together and set aside. 

Here are the directions for prepping the dough for the grilling process:

Step 1: Roll the dough out to make a thin pizza.  You will need to sprinkle some flour on your rolling surface and some on the dough itself before rolling it out with a rolling pin.  Don’t handle the dough too much as it will make it tough.  Don’t leave the dough too thick or it won’t get crispy.  You also shouldn’t see holes in the dough as a result of being too thin.  This may take some trial and error… you can watch my video to get a better idea of thickness. 

Here are the directions for the grilling process:

  • Put your grill on the medium setting and let it heat up.
  • Place your pizza dough directly onto the grill.  Your dough will start to bubble.  This is completely normal.  You will need to pop the bubbles as they occur. This is how you know that the pizza is grilling on the other side.  
  • Next take your basting brush and mix the olive oil/garlic concoction up.  Scoop it up with your brush and proceed to brush it all over your pizza.  Make sure you get it all over the dough.  You also want to make sure you’re getting spices with the brush… it’s easy to only get olive oil with no spice.  
  • Next take you giant spatula and flip the pizza over.  **Be careful as the olive oil may make the flames go a bit crazy when flipping*** If you do have a flame issue then just turn the heat down a bit. 

This is what the bubbling process looks like.  You will want to pop the bubbles as they appear.  

This is the other side after flipping the pizza over.  This is the side you will put your sauce and toppings on. 


***Now this is where you work rather quickly*** 

  • Take a large spoon and spread the pizza sauce all over the pizza. Be careful that you don’t add too much sauce as it will make it runny and you will lose all your toppings when trying to eat the hot pizza.  All you really need is enough to cover the entire pizza.  Go thin with the sauce… otherwise the pizza won’t get crispy.
  • Sprinkle some of the cheese on top of the pizza sauce.
  • Add the pepperoni or Canadian bacon or any meat you are using.
  • Next add any peppers, onions, garlic, olives or whatever toppings you are using.
  • Now you will sprinkle your cheese all over the toppings.  This is really up to you on however much you want to use.  

Add a thin layer of pizza sauce and get ready to put your toppings on.


***This next step is very important***

  • Turn your burner on your grill on high on one side only.  For example we have a 3 burner grill so we turn the left burner on high and the middle and right side on low and then move your pizza to the low temp side and close the top.  This is how you get all the cheese melted without burning your pizza.  
  • Once all your cheese is melted then it is time to take the pizza off and transfer it to a pizza pan and enjoy!  

Here are a couple of pizzas we made.  Soooooo good! 


Here is the time-lapse video I shared on instagram:

I hope this recipe is one that your family will love as much as we do!  This is by far my favorite way to have pizza!  If you have any questions please feel free to either direct message me on instagram @secretsofashopaholickristi or drop a comment below!  

P.S.- to change the pizza up a bit our friends make a chicken pizza and they use pesto as the sauce instead of pizza sauce!  The variations are endless and all up to your taste! 


Soaking it up! My master bathtub remodel

Baths are my favorite time of day!  I take one every morning (a quick one) and one every evening (a long one).  It’s my time to relax and unwind.  When we moved into our house about a year and a half ago the master bath area was horrible.  Remember this is our “flip house” so that was the first area that I needed remodeled.  The master bath had a horrible yucky old spa bathtub in it.  I never want a jetted bathtub again!  I’ve had one in the last 3 houses and I don’t think its a great enough feature to put up with the pain of trying to clean inside the jets.  No matter how much you run bleach through the jets nasty stuff still comes out.  For this reason the yucky old jetted tub had to go(see pic below)!

My husband made this a priority project and was awesome at remodeling the tub area.  My job was to pick the tub out as well as the faucet & light fixture.  His job was to figure out how we will make a stand alone tub work with the plumbing and pick out the tile.  My mom & I headed to a few local bathroom showrooms.  After visiting many different showrooms we finally settled on a Victoria + Albert  Warndon Stand alone tub.  The only problem was the price tag!  It was $5,000 just for the tub!  A sweet saleswoman knew I wanted the Victoria + Albert tub and let my mom & I know they had one with a tiny scratch on it that was discounted a bunch!  I checked it out and they had repaired the scratch, you could barely even notice it.  The tub was marked down to $2,500 which was a WAY better deal.  However remember we are remodeling a whole house so this was still a little high as we still needed to buy the faucet.  I called the showroom and asked if they would take $2,000 and they said YES!  It was mine!  Mission accomplished!

Now the search for the perfect faucet began….  With the plumbing already set up for the old jet tub this sort of made for a tricky plumbing situation.  I really wanted a floor mount faucet & sprayer but we were not sure that would work.  Do we tie into the plumbing at my vanity sink??  Do we have to use a faucet that comes out of the wall instead?  Remember Josh is a Engineer and always comes up with great ideas.  He decided that he would build a sub floor (elevated floor) under the tub so he & the plumber could then re-route the plumbing(bend the plumbing).  Since he could now re-route the plumbing he wouldn’t have to mess with foundation and concrete and all that goes with it.  YAY! 

Here is a picture of the bath area before and then a couple of the sub floor progress:

Laying out where to put the sub floor.  

I wish I had a better picture for you of the sub floor.  You can see he has built the sub floor and repaired the sheetrock.  We have also painted over the ugly yellow beige.  We used Sherwin Williams “mindful grey” & painted the ceilings Sherwin Williams “alabaster”.  The first picture with the new tub!  Looks amazing so far. 

I searched and searched for the perfect floor mount faucet.  What did I find out?  The good ones are crazy expensive!  I was also trying to get a faucet I really liked the style of as well as make sure that it would match the sink faucets that were already in the bathroom at our vanities.  The current faucets are from the Delta Victorian Collection.  They are not my favorite and I would probably have changed them if it wasn’t for this being a “flip house”.  Don’t get me wrong they are very nice and look great I just would have picked something a bit more industrial/modern looking.  We ended up going with the Delta Trinsic Collection and I think it goes well with the older faucets.  It was still a pretty penny.  We ended up spending around $1,500 on the faucet & sprayer.   The other important thing when picking a faucet especially one with a hand sprayer is the pressure.  You can find this info under the details about each faucet.  

First picture of the floor mount faucet & sprayer from Delta.   Also a preview of the new tile! 

The tile was a tricky part since we were not remodeling the entire master bathroom.  Again the tile that is currently there is just a simple tile.  If I were building a house or re-modeling the entire area I would most likely go with a plank type tile.  However since we were not changing out all the existing tile we needed to be able to match as closely as we possibly could to the old tile.  Lucky for us we found extra tile in the attic that was the same tile!  Josh decided he wanted to take on the tile job himself.  He has never done tile and he did a fantastic job!  It looks amazing.  Next up was the backsplash and the front of the sub floor.  He brought his tile selections home and we layed them all out and made our decisions from there.  The area behind the tub we went with a stacked marble that turned out beautiful!  For the sides of the tub we went with a pavers stone type of tile.  On the front of the sub floor he used the pavers stone again but then added a bullnose metal rod that gave it some extra pizazz.  On the edges of the pavers stone he used bullnose pieces of stone.  

Here is a closeup of the tile we used on the side walls and the tile behind the tub as well as the window sill.

This is the metal bullnose piece Josh added for that extra pizazz!  I love how it pops!  Here is the front of the sub floor after being tiled.  

The search for the perfect light began… I knew I wanted a light fixture that you could dim the lights.  I also really wanted a clear glass fixture.  We both really liked the cluster chandelier fixtures.  Our taste is a bit different.  I liked more feminine fixtures than Josh.  We both liked the glass cluster fixtures so after lots & lots of searching we settled on the Kugler 7 light pendant in the globe with star clear. 

Remember this is the before picture of the nasty old yucky gross jet tub.  I hated it!  

Here are pictures of the beautiful new master bathroom tub area!  Doesn’t it look amazing! 

A closeup of the light fixture we finally agreed on.  Looking back I think I would have gone with a larger cluster.  This one does look amazing though.  It is hard to get a good picture of it.  

I love how clean & bright this area is now.  It’s my space to relax!  

Here is a closeup of the roman shade I had made on Etsy by Windows by Melissa.  It’s exactly the look I was going for.  

To shop any of our remodel products simply click on the links below:

Victoria + Albert Warndon stand alone volcanic limestone tub

Delta Trinsic tub filler with sprayer

Etsy roman shade

Kugler 7 light cluster pendant

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray 

Sherwin Williams Alabaster










Amazon Prime Wardrobe!

I am sooooo excite about this news!!!  I shop at Amazon on a daily basis!  Shhhhh…don’t tell my husband!  Introducing Amazon Prime Wardrobe!  You simply fill your box with 3 or more items and then try them on at home before buying them.  You have a 7 day try-on period to choose what you decide to keep.  You only pay for the items you keep and return the rest with the provided prepaid label!  It can’t get any easier than this.  *You must be a Amazon Prime member *. I will start using this ASAP!!  Just when I thought Amazon couldn’t get any better.  Check out my affiliate link to get started!!  

Prime Wardrobe





Hunter x Target!


Hunter x Target Release! 


Who else is planning to be at their local Target bright and early on April 14th for the Target x Hunter release?  It’s been on my calendar since they announced the collaboration!  Target just released a look book  filled with images of the upcoming collection.  There will be around 300 items both online and in store for this collab.  The price of the items will range from $5 to $80!  This is a huge savings!  If you own Hunter boots then you know they cost around $150 and up.  I don’t like spending a ton on my kids rain boots right now because they are 8 and their feet grow so quickly.  It’s just not worth it.  However I will be purchasing them both a pair of rain boots & a new rain coat since the prices are so good!  Below you will find a few pictures of the collab.  If you would like to see the look book then simply follow my link here—->


 Here are some of my favorite picks so far:


 Womens rash guard, visor & tote bag 



Unisex yellow rain coat and backpack with slip on low boots.  Yellow is one of my favorite colors so I will be getting this! 


Boys sweatshirt


Kids tall rain boots


Kids tall rain boots


Kids tall rain boots


Love this umbrella!  It comes in a few different colors.


Girls rash guard


Kids rain coat 

Kids rain coat

Boys rash guard

Some of the bags & hats from the collection.


These next three Womens rain boots are only $40!!!!  That’s an amazing deal for Hunter rain boots!   







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