Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!



I am impatiently waiting for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!  I mean for shopping it’s one of the most exciting times of the year!  Last year was my first time shopping in the Anniversary sale.  It was so much fun.  The catalog online is only a tiny part of the sale.  There are literally thousands of items that will be in the sale.  A shoppers dream!  The prices will be 25%-40% off and did I mention it will be ALL NEW MERCHANDISE!  That’s right this isn’t Nordstrom just putting merchandise you’ve already been staring at for months on sale.  This is all NEW stuff!! YIPPEEE!  Nordstrom is already great for price matching items but their sale is like no other! 

What makes this sale so special:

  • Just arrived fall styles!
  • Limited time sale prices!
  • Get it your way!  Buy online and choose store pickup or better yet-curbside pickup!  Don’t worry if you don’t think you can make it in store to shop.  Shop online with your littles at home and then use curbside pickup and take away the stress of shopping in store with kids!  Perfect right!  I mean I have twins so I get it.  
  • If you are like me and sadly don’t have a Nordstrom nearby then shop online and get free shipping!  I love Nordstrom for this!  Free shipping and free returns!  Wanna know a secret??  You can do any Nordstrom returns at a Nordstrom Rack as well!  We do have one of those here so this is perfect for me! 

There are a few things you need to know to be prepared for this sale.  

First is if you want early access then you have to be a Nordstrom card memeber!  This means if you don’t have their credit card and you have been pondering getting it, then this is the time do do it!  Plus you earn a $40 bonus note when you open it and make a purchase that day.  Also you will earn 2 points per dollar spent to go towards more Nordstrom notes (free money to use at Nordstrom).  Plus when you are a card member you get a personal triple points day!  Use this triple points day on a day that you make your biggest purchase!  This will help you earn bonus notes even quicker!  

If you are not a card member don’t fret because the sale will be open to the public on July 20th!  The only thing is some of the items might be sold out.  

Important dates:

Early access for level 4 card members get to pre-shop the sale in stores only!

Early access for all card members starts July 12-19

Sale opens up to the public on July 20th and the sale ends on August 5th!

August 6th prices go up!

Another important date to remember is GLAM OUT days!  If you love beauty products then this is the part of the sale just for you!  You can access the Glam out days calendar here

Here are my top picks for the sale! 




This is the BEST hair tool EVER!  I use it almost everyday!  The first curling iron that I can successfully achieve the perfect curled look!  I am horrible with all things hair tools!  Plus this is the cheapest I have ever seen it!  Trust me you will love it.  


Happy Shopping!  Drop a comment below and let me know what amazing things you bought!! 

P.S.- You can follow along my Nordstrom sale purchases by following me on instagram @secretsofashopaholickristi 

Amazon Prime Wardrobe!

I am sooooo excite about this news!!!  I shop at Amazon on a daily basis!  Shhhhh…don’t tell my husband!  Introducing Amazon Prime Wardrobe!  You simply fill your box with 3 or more items and then try them on at home before buying them.  You have a 7 day try-on period to choose what you decide to keep.  You only pay for the items you keep and return the rest with the provided prepaid label!  It can’t get any easier than this.  *You must be a Amazon Prime member *. I will start using this ASAP!!  Just when I thought Amazon couldn’t get any better.  Check out my affiliate link to get started!!  

Prime Wardrobe





Hunter x Target!


Hunter x Target Release! 


Who else is planning to be at their local Target bright and early on April 14th for the Target x Hunter release?  It’s been on my calendar since they announced the collaboration!  Target just released a look book  filled with images of the upcoming collection.  There will be around 300 items both online and in store for this collab.  The price of the items will range from $5 to $80!  This is a huge savings!  If you own Hunter boots then you know they cost around $150 and up.  I don’t like spending a ton on my kids rain boots right now because they are 8 and their feet grow so quickly.  It’s just not worth it.  However I will be purchasing them both a pair of rain boots & a new rain coat since the prices are so good!  Below you will find a few pictures of the collab.  If you would like to see the look book then simply follow my link here—->


 Here are some of my favorite picks so far:


 Womens rash guard, visor & tote bag 



Unisex yellow rain coat and backpack with slip on low boots.  Yellow is one of my favorite colors so I will be getting this! 


Boys sweatshirt


Kids tall rain boots


Kids tall rain boots


Kids tall rain boots


Love this umbrella!  It comes in a few different colors.


Girls rash guard


Kids rain coat 

Kids rain coat

Boys rash guard

Some of the bags & hats from the collection.


These next three Womens rain boots are only $40!!!!  That’s an amazing deal for Hunter rain boots!   






Planning for the Kentucky Derby!

The Kentucky Derby was always on my bucket list!  Last year I was able to fulfill that wish thanks to my sweet husband!  Josh surprised me with tickets to the derby.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was finally going to the Kentucky Derby!  

First a little backstory…Natural disasters seem to follow me when traveling.  I don’t know why but it started with our honeymoon in 2005.  A hurricane turned into a tropical storm and it rained the entire time we were on our honeymoon. While shopping for the derby I had no idea it was going to be the coldest and wettest derby in like 70 years.  I was having a blast shopping for the derby.  However I had to do some research first.  

So what is the proper attire for the derby??  

Dress: Any sort of spring dress.  You want to go for colorful if possible.  Not only do the women wear colorful clothes but the men do as well.  Crazy patterns are okay too!  

Shoes:  A great spring heel or sandal.   You will be doing a lot of walking so keep that in mind when shopping for shoes.  

Jewelry:  No real need for a large statement piece.  I would say a great pair of earrings and minimal jewelry or small jewelry for bracelets and necklaces.  The hat is the main focus so you don’t want to draw attention away from it.

The hat:  Wearing a hat to the Kentucky Derby is believed to bear good luck!  Like I said, this is the main focus!  You must find a great hat!  It doesn’t have to be huge and outrageous but it can be if that is what you are going for.  You can also wear a fascinator.  I will show you my favorite pics for these below.  As for hats they can range from super affordable to absolutely crazy expensive.  Picking a hat was the hardest part for me.  We got our tickets in mid April so shipping time was also a factor.  I didn’t have a bunch of time to get it shipped here.  There aren’t really any derby hats around Oklahoma City that I could find at this time.  I knew I wanted a hat that was comfortable, stylish, and hopefully unique and would stand out without needing to have giant decor and of course I needed something affordable.  

Side note:  My hat ended up being famous!  Nobody had my hat.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was simple, beautiful, comfortable and most of all affordable.  My hat had the famous derby saying “hold your horses” embroidered on it.  I was walking around on derby day and my husband would say don’t move Kristi.  I had news channels and photographers following me around snapping pics of the back of my hat.  For a few minutes I felt like a celebrity and it was fun!  I even found my hat on news station posts after the derby all over the U.S.  My hat was famous!  : )  

The handbag:  They have a size limit.  On the website they say they will measure your bag at the entrance.  I stressed about this because every bag I wanted to use was too big.  I even called ahead just to make sure that they actually check.  They told me yes they are strict.  Guess what???  They didn’t even check!!!  Of course being the rule follower that I am I just went for a small crossbody because I was worried they would say your bag is too large and not let me in.  Maybe it was because it was pouring rain and they were rushing so they didn’t check bags…. At the end of the day I’m glad that I didn’t bring a large cute bag.  My crossbody fit under my raincoat and didn’t get ruined so I was glad.  Also on the subject of bags.  The only thing I hated about the derby is the insane amount of people smoking cigars.  It was awful!  It’s a derby day tradition and they make tons selling cigars so sadly I don’t see this changing.  I was so glad I didn’t have one of my designer purses with me because I’m sure between the rain & the cigar smoke they would be ruined.  Prepare yourself mentally for the smoke if you are like me and not a smoker and get headaches from smoke.  

What I wore: I ended up wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress, a Draper James hat, Stella & Dot jewelry and instead of my cute sandals I wore Joules rain boots & a raincoat…. Yes I said rain boots & a raincoat.  I was super bummed but it was so cold and it was pouring.  I have never been so thankful to have covered seats as I was for the derby.  I can’t imagine having the seats right in front of us with no cover, waiting all year for it and then it pours almost the entire time!    We didn’t get to do as much walking around as we probably would have because of the rain.  The first day we got to go to the Oaks races and I wore a bright pink dress that I found on a whim at Kohl’s of all places(I never shop there unless it’s for the kids), a jacket from Athleta & my Joules rain boots.  On the Oaks race day I wore my hair down and straightened.  Sadly nothing amazing due to rain.  It was so humid from the rain that if I didn’t use a flat iron and get the heat on my hair it would be a giant frizz ball.  On the derby day I curled my hair and it stayed pretty well.  You are wearing a hat so your hair should be simple.   A side low pony tail or a side braid would look amazing with a hat or fascinator.  Keep it simple!   

If you are going to the Oaks races which are the day before the derby make sure you shop in all the stores on this day.  You won’t regret it.  I bought all souvenirs (shirts, hats, gift for the kids) and was so glad I did.  On derby day it’s so crowded that you will have to wait until enough people exit a store to even get to go in and shop and then there are still the long checkout lines.  If you are only going to the actual Derby day only then get your shopping done as soon you get there.  You won’t regret it!  

The red carpet!!!  If you are like me and love to read about celebrities and follow them on social media then you must make your way to the red carpet celebrity entrance on derby day.  Make sure to have your camera with you!  I think personally they should have some sort of stands set up for us regular non famous people to watch the celebs enter.  Sadly it’s only an area that you stand and hopefully get a great spot hopefully on a slight hill so you can see.  If you are tall then you are good to go!  My husband didn’t really get why I wanted to go watch the celebs enter but he stood there with me and waited.  


PLAN WAY AHEAD IF POSSIBLE!  Since we got our tickets in mid April everything was already booked.  Finding a hotel room available that wasn’t 4 hours away was impossible!  We decided to try Airbnb since it was all we could find.  First let me start by saying everything on Airbnb was also booked minus a few here and there.  The prices were inflated a ton as well.  We ended up booking a “studio apartment” for $250 a night.  I think it usually booked for $60 a night but we had no choice.  The pictures looked ok so we booked it. 

Our flight was delayed so we didn’t get to the Airbnb until 10pm.  It was in the middle of nowhere (was supposed to be right next to a park) and it was pouring rain.  We pull in and are immediately out of our comfort zone.  The look on Josh’s face was priceless.    I think I even remember him saying lets go buy a tent.  I looked at him like are you insane??  We were greeted by a very nice man that proceeded to show us into his home to the “studio apartment” inside his actual house!!!!  We were under the impression that we had the whole place.  He said we live down here and the apartment is up there.  We walked up the stairs and he used the keypad to open the apartment door.  We said goodnight and entered the apartment.  First of all there was no way to lock the strangers living downstairs out of the apartment!  Second the bathroom had no curtain in the window so anyone could look up and see you after you got out of the shower.  The beds were two twin beds and horrible.  In fact the headboards weren’t even attached and looked like if you bumped them they would fall over.  Everything in it was ancient.  From the tiny kitchen area to the toilets.  I will say it was clean though.  Needless to say we were so uncomfortable.  We talked about leaving but we couldn’t find anywhere else to go.  We were able to book the second night at a nice hotel about 1.5 hours away from the derby. I don’t think either of us really slept that night.  We were worried about someone just walking in during the night.  Josh being the engineer that he is created a sort of “trap” so if someone opened the door a jar of spices would fall and break to wake us up.  LOL!  The next morning we got ready for the Oaks and snuck out really early so we wouldn’t wake the family sleeping downstairs.  This made for a very tired, cold, rainy Oaks race day.  Derby day was so much better and much more fun for us since we had a good nights sleep at the “real” hotel.  I have nothing against Airbnb and know many people who use it regularly and love it.  This was just not a good experience. 

This year outfit recommendations: 

Vineyard Vines the official style of the Kentucky Derby, has created a line of dresses just for the Kentucky Derby.  I called them today because I haven’t seen this years line yet and they told me it should be released in early April.  You will see more of the Vineyard Vines outfits only because it’s the “official brand” for the derby.  So if you want to stand out a little more then go out and pick your own outfit that isn’t this brand.  I personally think Lilly Pulitzer has tons to choose from that are perfect for this day.  I have created a Pinterest board for hats & dresses for derby day!  You can follow me on Pinterest and shop through my board.  Leave a comment with your derby day pics!  I can’t wait to see what you end up wearing.  Have an amazing time and I hope it doesn’t rain this year! 

Here are some pictures of Josh & I from last years derby as well as some pics of the crazy hats I saw!

Picture of the dress I wore last year.  I realize you can’t see the entire dress due to my jacket.




I LOVE clothes and shoes and jewelry and everything!

Now this is my favorite area to shop! Most days you will find me wandering around town in fitness clothes and a ponytail. If you don’t know me well you would think to yourself “does she own anything else”? YES! I do! I LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes and shoes and jewelry and everything! I have a closet full of clothes. Now I do have quite a large section from Lululemon & Athleta but I do own other types of clothes. Between being a fitness instructor & coaching my sons soccer team I guess the majority of the time I am in leggings or shorts. I will be sharing with you all the lovely clothes, shoes, jewelry & more here. If anything just to prove that I can dress cute and I don’t really live in workout attire. At least not all the time….


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