Soaking it up! My master bathtub remodel

Baths are my favorite time of day!  I take one every morning (a quick one) and one every evening (a long one).  It’s my time to relax and unwind.  When we moved into our house about a year and a half ago the master bath area was horrible.  Remember this is our “flip house” so that was the first area that I needed remodeled.  The master bath had a horrible yucky old spa bathtub in it.  I never want a jetted bathtub again!  I’ve had one in the last 3 houses and I don’t think its a great enough feature to put up with the pain of trying to clean inside the jets.  No matter how much you run bleach through the jets nasty stuff still comes out.  For this reason the yucky old jetted tub had to go(see pic below)!

My husband made this a priority project and was awesome at remodeling the tub area.  My job was to pick the tub out as well as the faucet & light fixture.  His job was to figure out how we will make a stand alone tub work with the plumbing and pick out the tile.  My mom & I headed to a few local bathroom showrooms.  After visiting many different showrooms we finally settled on a Victoria + Albert  Warndon Stand alone tub.  The only problem was the price tag!  It was $5,000 just for the tub!  A sweet saleswoman knew I wanted the Victoria + Albert tub and let my mom & I know they had one with a tiny scratch on it that was discounted a bunch!  I checked it out and they had repaired the scratch, you could barely even notice it.  The tub was marked down to $2,500 which was a WAY better deal.  However remember we are remodeling a whole house so this was still a little high as we still needed to buy the faucet.  I called the showroom and asked if they would take $2,000 and they said YES!  It was mine!  Mission accomplished!

Now the search for the perfect faucet began….  With the plumbing already set up for the old jet tub this sort of made for a tricky plumbing situation.  I really wanted a floor mount faucet & sprayer but we were not sure that would work.  Do we tie into the plumbing at my vanity sink??  Do we have to use a faucet that comes out of the wall instead?  Remember Josh is a Engineer and always comes up with great ideas.  He decided that he would build a sub floor (elevated floor) under the tub so he & the plumber could then re-route the plumbing(bend the plumbing).  Since he could now re-route the plumbing he wouldn’t have to mess with foundation and concrete and all that goes with it.  YAY! 

Here is a picture of the bath area before and then a couple of the sub floor progress:

Laying out where to put the sub floor.  

I wish I had a better picture for you of the sub floor.  You can see he has built the sub floor and repaired the sheetrock.  We have also painted over the ugly yellow beige.  We used Sherwin Williams “mindful grey” & painted the ceilings Sherwin Williams “alabaster”.  The first picture with the new tub!  Looks amazing so far. 

I searched and searched for the perfect floor mount faucet.  What did I find out?  The good ones are crazy expensive!  I was also trying to get a faucet I really liked the style of as well as make sure that it would match the sink faucets that were already in the bathroom at our vanities.  The current faucets are from the Delta Victorian Collection.  They are not my favorite and I would probably have changed them if it wasn’t for this being a “flip house”.  Don’t get me wrong they are very nice and look great I just would have picked something a bit more industrial/modern looking.  We ended up going with the Delta Trinsic Collection and I think it goes well with the older faucets.  It was still a pretty penny.  We ended up spending around $1,500 on the faucet & sprayer.   The other important thing when picking a faucet especially one with a hand sprayer is the pressure.  You can find this info under the details about each faucet.  

First picture of the floor mount faucet & sprayer from Delta.   Also a preview of the new tile! 

The tile was a tricky part since we were not remodeling the entire master bathroom.  Again the tile that is currently there is just a simple tile.  If I were building a house or re-modeling the entire area I would most likely go with a plank type tile.  However since we were not changing out all the existing tile we needed to be able to match as closely as we possibly could to the old tile.  Lucky for us we found extra tile in the attic that was the same tile!  Josh decided he wanted to take on the tile job himself.  He has never done tile and he did a fantastic job!  It looks amazing.  Next up was the backsplash and the front of the sub floor.  He brought his tile selections home and we layed them all out and made our decisions from there.  The area behind the tub we went with a stacked marble that turned out beautiful!  For the sides of the tub we went with a pavers stone type of tile.  On the front of the sub floor he used the pavers stone again but then added a bullnose metal rod that gave it some extra pizazz.  On the edges of the pavers stone he used bullnose pieces of stone.  

Here is a closeup of the tile we used on the side walls and the tile behind the tub as well as the window sill.

This is the metal bullnose piece Josh added for that extra pizazz!  I love how it pops!  Here is the front of the sub floor after being tiled.  

The search for the perfect light began… I knew I wanted a light fixture that you could dim the lights.  I also really wanted a clear glass fixture.  We both really liked the cluster chandelier fixtures.  Our taste is a bit different.  I liked more feminine fixtures than Josh.  We both liked the glass cluster fixtures so after lots & lots of searching we settled on the Kugler 7 light pendant in the globe with star clear. 

Remember this is the before picture of the nasty old yucky gross jet tub.  I hated it!  

Here are pictures of the beautiful new master bathroom tub area!  Doesn’t it look amazing! 

A closeup of the light fixture we finally agreed on.  Looking back I think I would have gone with a larger cluster.  This one does look amazing though.  It is hard to get a good picture of it.  

I love how clean & bright this area is now.  It’s my space to relax!  

Here is a closeup of the roman shade I had made on Etsy by Windows by Melissa.  It’s exactly the look I was going for.  

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Etsy roman shade

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About a year ago we bought a house that we call the “flip house”. Basically it’s a beautiful home that needed LOTS of TLC. Josh & I have spent the last year remodeling it. Think- new paint, carpet, all new light fixtures & fans throughout the house. I will be doing many many posts here about the house and where I bought everything. I love to get a good deal. I pretty much hate buying something at full price. I will from time to time but I will always exhaust all options of finding a coupon or something first. I can’t wait to share everything on the house here and help you find some good deals just by sharing what I’ve learned.


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